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Movie location tour of Scotland

With our awe-inspiring vistas, a multitude of ancient ruins and dramatic architecture, it is easy to see why Scotland is such a popular choice for filmmakers to bring their visions to life. This customizable tour gives you the opportunity to select as many of your favourite sites as you desire to get that little bit closer to the Hollywood legends.

Visit some of the heart-stoppingly beautiful and historic spots from some of your favourite movies and TV shows as a way of introducing you to both ancient and modern Scotland.

Let your personal tour expert know what movies and TV shows you're interested in and they'll help you plan the perfect private tour for your group - just click 'Create my custom tour' below and fill out the form!

From historical epics such as Mel Gibson's Braveheart and Chris Hemsworth’s ‘Outlaw king’ based on the story of Robert the Bruce, through to modern classics such as Highlander, Outlander and James Bond in ‘Skyfall’ all the way to the futuristic sweeping Sci-Fi dreamscapes of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, Scotland has no shortage of simply breathtaking and instantly recognisable film locations for you to visit.


Here are some examples to take inspiration from:

  • Harry Potter Private Tours: Explore the streets and cafes of Edinburgh where JK Rowling invented Harry and co. Enter Castle Alnwick, the home of Hogwarts and watch on in awe as the Jacobite Express steam train passes over the viaduct like in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Find out more about our Harry Potter Private Tour here

  • Outlander Private Tours: Walk in Claire and Jamie’s footsteps as you travel the many stunning Scottish locations used in the ‘Outlander’ series and find out all about their storied history. Find out more about our Outlander Tours here

  • Mary Queen of Scots: Visit the birthplace of Mary along with the stunning palaces, churches and other landmarks.

  • James Bond: We all know Edinburgh born Sean Connery was the first man to play the heroic bond on screen, this tour will explore the city before heading out to take in the Scottish locations used in Bond films such as ‘Skyfall’, ‘The World Is Not Enough’, ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ and ‘From Russia With Love’.

  • Braveheart: Historic battlefields, ancient castles and stunning views from the top of the Wallace Monument.

scottish locations made famous by movies private tour

Famous film locations in Scotland

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