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Customizable Luxury Tours

What is the maximum number of passengers for one tour group?

All tours are limited to 8 passengers. For tour groups of more than 8 people, you must make two separate bookings and inform your tour operator.

What’s included in Braw’s Private Tours?

The price of all our Braw Private Tours covers the services of our expert drivers, the vehicle hire and vehicle insurance. Tours lasting more than one night may incur additional costs to cover accomodation costs faced by the tour operator.

Do I have to organise accommodation separately from booking Braw’s Private Tour?

Yes. If you have any questions regarding accommodation during, before or after your tour, our expert tour operators can make recommendations on some of the best places to stay for your itinerary and budget, and even make those reservations for you! Just let us know how we can help.

What vehicle will take me on my Braw Private Tour?

The vehicle will vary depending on the tour and tour group. If you have any specific requests, please inform your tour operator and they will do their best to help! Additonal costs may apply depending on the requested vehicle.

What is the cancellation policy?

Please find our full cancellation policy here.

Do I have to make reservations for restaurants in advance?

Yes, however, our dedicated tour operator can recommend and even book resturants and other activities. Once you book your custom private tour, or one of our tour packages, you'll receive a confirmation email from your tour operator and all you have to do is tell them where your going and what your budget is and they'll do everything they can to help.

Does Braw offer any other activities to do while on the private tours?

Although Braw doesn't offer additonal tour activities, we can make recommendations and reservartions on acitivies, resturants, accomodation and more on request. Just tell your tour operator what you'd like to do after you book one of our private custom tours, or one of our tour packages, and they'll do everything they can to help!

How do I book a tour?

You can choose from one of our many private tour packages here, or if there's nothing that fits your specific needs, you can book a custom private tour here. Prices may vary.

What is the maximum time I can go on a Braw Custom Private Tour?

We don't have a maximum tour time! You can book for as long as you'd like on our custom tour page. Just put in the dates for how long you want the tour to last and we'll provide you with a quick quote.

Can I do a half-day tour?

Braw Scottish Tours does provide half-day tours on request. Click on the custom tours page and tell our tour operator how you'd like to spend your mini tour!

Can I combine two tours?

Yes! You can book the two tours for your desired dates on our private tours page here. If you'd prefer, you can submit an enquiry on our custom tours page and inform our tour opertor what tours you'd like to do and for how long.

Are my golf course fees included in the Braw Golf Tours package?

Golf course fees, and other activities in general, are not included in any of Braw's private tours. However, once you've booked your tour, our tour operators can help recommend courses and reserve tee times for you. You can find out more about our Private Golf Tours here . Tee times are subject to availability.

Do I have to pay extra fees for activities while on a private tour?

Yes. If you'd like to find out more information about the prices of your tour destinations, accommodation and activities, please contact your tour operator.

Do I have to pay entrance fees for the castles on the Braw Private Castle Tours?

Where there is an entrance fee required to visit a castle, this cost will be covered by the customer. If you'd like to find out more information on entrance fees, please contact your tour operator.

How many passengers can go on a Braw Private Tour?

A maximum of 8 passengers can go on one Braw Private Tour. If you have more than 8 passengers, you'll need to make two bookings with separate 'Lead Passengers' and inform your tour operator that it is a joint tour.

How do I book a tour for more than 8 people?

You must make two bookings with two separate 'Lead Passengers' information and inform your tour operator that it is a joint tour.

How do I find out about availability?

We're always available! If for some unforseeable reason, Braw Scottish Tours cannot provide the tour service required and it cannot be provided by any of our partnering tour operators, we will proivide you with a full refund.

If Braw cannot confirm the tour, how will I find out?

Once you book a tour, you will recieve a confirmation email from your tour operator within 48 hours. If for some reason Braw Scottish Tours, or one of our partnering tour operators, cannot service the tour, we will provide you with a full refund.

When are the castles featured in the Braw Private Castle Tours open and accessible?

Castle availability and opening times may vary, please ask your tour operator for more information.

How does Braw Private Tours cater for people with disabilities?

Braw Scottish Tours always does it's upmost to accommodate all passengers, regardless of ability. Please contact your tour operator or enquire on our custom tours page for more information regarding your specific needs and we'll help make your journey to Scotland as comfortable and magical as possible.

What does ‘Braw’ mean?

Braw is a Scottish slang word for 'Great'; 'Beautiful'; 'Fine'; or even 'Attractive'. While we cannot confirm or deny our tour opertors are any of the above, we can say Scotland certainly is!

What should I bring with me?

Once you've booked one of our tours, our tour operators will let you know what you'll require and what you can expect from your tour.